This page shows some of the screen shots from my first foray into Conan Exiles on my single player server where I was abel to explore tha map and learn how to build structures.

 Here is Kallisti with Ringo the Rhino and Nellie the Elephant. The ‘Xena’ outfit comes from one of the Mods available.

Here is Kallisti with Tigers Won, Too and Tree, Sally the Sabretooth and some of her band of Amazonian followers. The high heel boots are also from a a downloaded mod!

Part of the enjoyment of the game is being able to build structures so I was able to build up my base into a large palace with libraries, workshops, bedrooms and a large open-air banqueting space


I also built a large ‘Romanesque’ bath house further north at the base of some tall cliffs that provided a natural waterfall and the army of rescued girls were able to relax and enjoy themselves there


Kallisti takes the girls on a beach barbecue and looks like grilled crocodile is on the menu!