These are the pages to celebrate the family of characters I created in City of Heroes and City of Villains who use the name Kallisti.

On the left you can see the original, Kallisti Gold, brought to “life” by Curt Allen, aka Uziel Twentyone. This was originally created back in 2007 in the days when I played City of Heroes on live. I started playing on Victory server soon after launch in 2004 but stopped about 9 months later. By that time Kallisti Gold was level 26 and facing the first major XP wall, and as a blaster was rather fragile, building up a huge debt mountain! 

I started playing again in 2006 or 7 and met up with the Legion of Valor SG and ended up with several level 50s, Gold of course being the first. I then stopped playing again sometime in 2008 or 9 and missed the close down of the servers in 2012. I was still in touch with members of LoV on the Victory server and when in the spring of 2019 it was revealed that there was a private server for CoH, I jumped upon the chance to play again and revisit the wonderfully glamorous world of Kallisti Gold!

Kallisti Gold is a Science Origin Blaster, using Energy Primary and Electrical Secondary.

One of her weaknesses is hay-fever and this occasionally causes her to sneeze and accidentally trigger her Point-Blank Area blast power, Nova. This has had some unintended consequences, most particularly in the creation of what has become known as the Kallistiverse!

To find out more about The Kallistiverse see this page

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Since Kallisiti Gold was the trigger to all the subsequent shenanigans, we need to know more of her story. For this we should look at a couple of very significant entries in her diary/blog:

Well heya thanks for dropping by!

My agent told me its good to write about my career as one of Paragon Citys most popular models! Well here I am!!!!!!!!

Well I started off living in England with my parents and all I ever wanted to do since I was little was be a model! So Mummy decided if that’s what I wanted, she’d do what she could to help. So like all good models I started with singing and acting lessons, which were lots of fun!.

Then I saw this promotional thing that said Paragon City was looking for Top Models! I’d only ever been to Marbella and Mummy’s home town in Greece so this seemed like a perfect chance to see the world and become a famous model! I came to Paragon City and they put me in this really dingy flat in Galaxy City – I didn’t like it at all – it was smelly and dirty. But it did give me a chance to go to auditions and stuff coz it was so close to the railway station.

I went to lots of auditions and got a few bits and bobs that meant I was able to move to a nicer flat in Talos Island. That was much better – the clubs in Talos are so much more upmarket! So then I got talent spotted at this nightclub by a big model agency promoter guy! Woweee was that exciting! Anyway the next morning he told me and this other girl we met in the club that we should go to these auditions for this new Promotional thing his company is starting… something to do with paint or something.

Anyway so I went along and got accepted!!!! They seemed to like me – they were laughing a lot anyway. So here I am in my dressing room ready to go on set for this BIG important TV advert they want to do…

I just LOVE this metallic swimsuit I’ve got to wear – I’m amazed it doesn’t – you know – chaff anywhere, considering its so small!

OOO okay they are calling me in… be back soon….

Love and kissses

PS hope they like my nails… had them done special!


Oh dear!
Well its 6 months since I wrote that last entry in my “journal” and things are a bit different now. Was I so totally brainless then?

Some weird changes have occurred since then, but I am getting ahead of myself. Let us go back to that day 6 months ago…

That advert was for one of Crey Industries subsidiary companies, a paint manufacturer, who had developed a new lustrous gold paint, designed to be a cheap substitute for golf leaf on statues. The advert was supposed to feature a gorgeous blonde model (that was me) in a gold swimsuit, who swims through this large pool of the gold paint.

That all seemed fine, just nobody bothered to check if the paint was safe in direct contact with skin. Needless to say – we are dealing with Crey Industries after all – it wasn’t and apparently after about 10 minutes in the stuff I collapsed into a coma, from which I didn’t recover from for 4 months. Apparently at one point they were going to turn off my life support!

Anyway I woke up 6 weeks ago and wonders to behold, I could think! Well my nails were in a right mess and that bothered me but I could think BEYOND my manicure or even what to do with my hair (most of which had fallen out because of the toxins)! Wow, it was a revelation I can tell you!

Once I had woken up, the doctors were surprised at my rapid recovery, and I was even more surprised by how quickly my hair grew back! I had to have the hairdresser come to the hospital, and there was such a fuss when the staff nurse saw all the split ends cut off on the bed!

So 3 weeks ago, I was able to discharge myself from the hospital and boy was it good to be out in the sunshine again! But I had this strange feeling, a sort of pressure building up inside of me like I was about to burst – it was very peculiar, almost like an orgasm! There I was walking along the street – I had all my possessions in a small suitcase – even the swimsuit I’d worn in the gold paint! Then one of those Hellion gang members and his pal ran up and tried to grab the case.

Well normally I would have just screamed for help form one of those heroes and hope some muscular hunk would come and save me… but this time all I felt was a righteous anger that they could NOT be allowed to get away with it and before I knew what was happening one of them was flying through the air backwards with a solid bolt of energy connecting him to my fist!


The second Hellion just looked at me and started running, but I wasn’t having that – even in my high heels I found I could run after him and WHAM he was knocked down as well and blown to kingdom come!

I was changed! No longer the brainless bimbo who thought only of her nails and what to wear! Now I was a SuperHero Energy Blaster!!! Of course my nails and appearance are still important – I mean we have an image to project to the public, and presentation is always important! I even found a use for the swimsuit – it became my first Superhero costume! Funilly enough it seems the “unique” design the boutique raved about when we first bought it, isn’t quite so unique – I’ve seen dozens of other heroes wearing similar, but of course none of them fill it properly

Kallisti Gold is on the loose, so poisoners and polluters beware! I will be on your tail and to the people who made that paint…. I have a Power Blast with YOUR name on it!

Lawyers are such parasites, corporate lawyers doubly so! Turns out the Crey Corp lawyers wanted me to sign an NDA contract to stop me talking about the ‘accident’ that made me a superhero. Of course I told them to stuff fit where the sun doesn’t shine… and no I didn’t mean Dark Astoria! They threatened me with the medical bills that had grown quite large while I was in the coma – that wasn’t something I was used to coming from England and our wonderful NHS! My lawyers told me that if I didn’t sign it I’d be declared bankrupt and sent back to England! I did seriously consider it, but then the lawyers told me that Crey would keep chasing me even in England – my only options were to sign the NDA and effectively give up my career OR find criminal evidence of their dangerous products and pollution. Well what a choice?

So there I was in Brickstown, chatting  to this chap in an orange jumpsuit who knew something about someone who knew something happening inside Crey’s laboratories… Complicated eh? I must admit to being distracted by the orange jumpsuit, it REALLY didn’t suit him, I mean so 70s darling – and not in a good ‘retro’ way! Turns out this experiment wasn’t anything about poisonous paint but something to do with trying to open a portal thingywhatsit to another dimension and it would be THE END OF REALITY AS WE KNOW IT!!! Not again… I mean surely this happens every other day, its amazing we are all still living and breathing!

ANYWAY, so I traipsed off to this secret Crey Laboratory hidden under some rocks in Talos Island… hmm that reminds me I saw some awesome Jimmy Choos in the shop there… what? Oh yes the story, right…

So Crey Lab, reality destroying portal… yadda yadda yadda…

Anyway for the past week or so I’ve had this terrible tickle in my nose and halfway through one fight… by the way have I ever told you how ANNOYING those bloody Paragon Protector pillocks are? No well let me tell you, bloody annoying – especially when they do their “I’m an Invulnerable dickhead” trick and NOTHING you do can hit the buggers! so… yes… anyway, tickle in nose… suddenly halfway through the battle aaahhh ahhhhh aahhhh CHOOO BOOOM!!! What the hell? Big flash bang wallop and the bunch of Crey loosers I was was fighting are flying arse over tit, slamming into walls and through windows and whatnot.

Wow that was spectacular – felt a bit drained after it though, so need to watch that sneeze! I’ve since been told its REALLY called a Nova – I like to think of it as a nuclear sneeze!

Then I noticed something odd – there was this large hoop-shaped machine standing in the middle of the room with one of the battered Crey techs sprawled across the control panel and there were a bunch of blinking red lights that looked DECIDEDLY unhealthy and this sort of rumbling, humming, whining sound that just set my teeth on edge… oops something other than the Crey techs got broken by my sneeze!

I looked up at the hoop and there was a shimmering sort of glassy look and I’m thinking.. .Oh crap looks like this might be the reality destroying portal that I’ve sort of sent into overdrive… oops! So I’m turning tail and about to flit out of there when there is this sort of silent explosion… hmm well it sort of was a soundless BOOM if you get my drift… yes I know that doesn’t makes sense but NONE of it made sense!!!

Next thing I know I’m lying against the wall, hair all OVER the place and then the portal thing goes black and this woman steps out, dressed in a sort of red/yellow outfit with a quite passée flame motif and get this… HORNS sticking out of either side of her head. She had also rather overdone the suntan as well, I mean bronze is a nice tan but this was like REAL bronze! She looked at me and started waving her hands and wham, I’m surrounded by a ring of fire.

“Hey cut it out, you’ll singe the hair!” I said. She sort of did a double take.

“Say that again?” she said… her voice seemed oddly familiar but she did have a proper English accent and there are damn few of us here in Paragon City!

“I said lay off the barbecue effect please…”

“What is your name?” she switched the flames off and walked over too me – hmm about my height but the horns were a bit off-putting, she looked sort of familiar.

“Kallisti Gold – what is yours? Hey what’s wrong?” She seemed to pale at that, well as pale as someone with bronze coloured skin could.

“My name is… Kallisti Bronze!”

“What? You bloody copy cat! I’ve got that name registered as a trademark.” I stormed. “You’ll be hearing from my lawy… omg you are me!” I suddenly realised why her voice was familiar – it was MINE!

“Oh crap, were you trying to shut down a Crey inter-dimensional portal?” When I nodded she slapped her forehead. “I think we’ve somehow opened a rift between time lines!”

Okay she might be me, but I’m not that clever… looks like things might have gone a bit different in her timeline. “So did you get your powers from an accident with a bath of bronze paint which affected your DNA while modelling for an advert?”

“No it was gold paint… omg who is that?” Stepping through the portal was another woman, taller than both of us and with powerful muscles, she wore a biker jacket and tight leather leggings.

“What the fuck…” she said in a very familiar voice.

“And your name is…” said the horned one.

“Kallisti Red – who the hell are you two and what just happened?”

Oh dear, I wonder how many of me… er us… there are out there!


The forest clearing was awash with demonic energy and filled with the evil creatures. Without hesitation, Kallisti the Friar leapt into battle swinging her soul-bonded quarterstaff in a circle to connect with as many of the foul creatures as she could. With a hiss of hatred, the entire band of summoned demons turned on her, shooting dark bolts of energy and balls of flame at the hooded figure. The staff span in her hands as she turned to face the thickest part of the throng. Some of the fire and dark energy bolts slammed into her and she felt herself weakening but her enhanced reflexes kept her safe from most of the attacks. Suddenly there was a deafening crash, the ground shook and before her the demons were pushed aside as the Demon Lord appeared to face her! This was it, this was her time to sacrifice herself to defend her people like so many of her friends had done before!

 With an almighty bellow, the Demon Lord struck out, catching Kallisti the Friar a glancing blow and spinning her round, but her opening move was a leap in the air to bring the tough quarterstaff down with a mighty blow that usually felled most lesser enemies. This time, the Demon Lord caught the staff in his hand and pulled her off her feet toward his deadly flaming maw…

 A strange ripping sound echoed across the clearing as the Demon Lord’s head exploded and a dark gash appeared in reality which swallowed the fighting girl and then winked out of existence as the headless Demon Lord collapsed in a heap and began to melt.

Kallisti the Friar landed on her feet in a fighting stance ready for the next onslaught, but this was not what she expected. She was in an alley with grey stone walls on either side and an a constant drone of noise in the background.  The air smelled strange, an odd sort of metallic smell but a whiff of decay and corruption caught her attention and she saw a group of shambling figures ahead surrounding a figure dressed in strapped black leather… wherever she was, she knew an enemy when she saw one!