Early Kallisti Stories

These are the stories of Kallisti’s early days, when she was a thief and ‘entertainer’

Pearls of Wisdom
Where were first meet our heroine and the first part of the plot arc.

The Hand of Fate
Where we discover a bit more about our heroine’s history

Honour of Thieves
Our heroine’s past comes back to haunt her

Companion of Mages
One mistake is all it took!

Later Kallisti Stories

These stories take place later in her career once she has grown and developed new skills and moralities

The Temple of Lithil
An infiltration mission of utmost importance

The House of Death
An unfinished story, taking place in the southern city of Arhas

Ambre Rat
Kallisti goes undercover

The Flames of Love
Dealing with the aftermath of Ambre Rat

The Inn of Blood
An isolated Inn in a blizzard, what could possibly go wrong?

The Story Continues 30 years later (or about 50 in the Mardona timeline):

Kallisti and the Apparition: Hyborean Exile Part 1

and crossing over into Conan Exiles…

Kallisti and the Desert: Hyborean Exile Part 2

A short vignette showing the dangers of the Exiled Lands

The Frost Giant’s Mistake!