There have been a number of other MMOs I’ve played over the years, including Asherons Call, Star Trek Online, Knights of the Old Republic, Guild Wars, DnD Online and others I’ve probably forgotten about. However, one notable exception is there is NOT a Kallisti in WoW – I’ve never played it and don’t intend to!

Everquest was the first MMO I played back in 1999 and that Kallisti was a ranger who made it all the way to level 26-ish wielding dual Polished Granite Tomahawks (before it became a Lore item and no longer dual wield-able). However, I got tired of EQ and at around that time Dark Age of Camelot appeared and one of its most important features was you didn’t un-level if you died after gaining a level!!! I don’t know how many times I achieved level 20 only to die soon after an de-level on Kallisti – it got ridiculous! So I gave up QA, never to return.

I can’t find any remaining screenshots of my time in EQ sadly, but it was my first introduction to MMOs and for that, it is important in the history of the Kallistiverse!



Lord of the Rings Online

Kallisti the Champion

The Secret World

Kallisti Illuminati