Originally released in 2012 as The Secret World, its modern-day background featuring communities under attack from horrific occult forces made it an interesting story-based MMO. Unlike most other MMOs at the time it didn’t have the traditional level-based character progression. Instead the character was able to build up groups of weapon and magical based skills. The art of character building was recognising the synergies between different types of weapon and complimentary skills and as such was a very open environment for exploration of different ‘builds’.

The modern-day setting drew upon multiple influences most recognisably was a Lovecraftian atmosphere in the early game settings. Initially the character can choose to belong to one of three factions: The Templars bases in London, Te Dragon based in Seoul and The Illuminati based in New York. Of course with a name like Kallisti, she had to belong to The Illuminati!

In the original The Secret World game, I was able to complete the main storyline in all 3 of the main settings but this was an open, ongoing story and there were supposed to be further expansions. However, like many games of the period work on expansions was halted to allow it to be converted from a monthly subscription basis to a ‘free to play’ with ‘pay to win’ bonuses and loot boxes that have plagued games ever since.

in 2017 it was relaunched as Secret World Legends with the same basic content but with a re-jigged skill and combat system. Many players considered this a complete rip off. I came back to the game for a while and recreated Kallisti again but never really got into the game in the same way as I had the original.

This version of the game has had multiple story updates added to it but I have never really been interesting in progressing further.
This version of Kallisti doesn’t really have a back-story but it still part of the Kallistiverse – I’m sure there is some distant branch of Yggdrasil in Agartha that connects to other parts of the Kallistiverse if the Bees would allow it!