Here is where I am posting all the stories that comprise the Kallistiverse. Some of the origin stories are included in the roster page so there may be some repetition for completeness. There are several general themes, particularly around Kallisti the Friar

Kallisti Gold – how it all began!

Part 1: Excerpts from a Golden Diary  Well heya thanks for dropping by!  My agent told me its good to write about my career as one of Paragon Citys most popular models! Well here I am!!!!!!!!  Well I started off living in England with my parents and all I ever wanted to do since I […]

A new home

A van pulls up at the side of Christie apartments, parking on the corner closest to the side door. Inside the cab are three remarkably similar looking girls, two with long blonde hair and one with slightly reddish wavy hair. “Is this it?” the more reddish hair girl says, peering at the imposing building. “Yup, […]

Kallisti Gold vs Crey, round 1

“Excuse me miss but can I ask you to move off that wall, you are on private property” The uniformed guard approached the blonde girl dressed in a gold mini dress, sitting on the wall by the steps to the Crey office building he was guarding. She looked at him over her shoulder and gave […]

Kallisti the Friar part 1

Kallisti the Friar sat on a bench in the park near to the cramped flat she was sharing with the other Kallistis, idly tapping the concrete with her quarterstaff, not really looking at what she was doing, her thoughts far away.  “Whats up kiddo?” It was Kallisti Red, dressed in her usual red biker leathers. […]

Kallisti the Friar Part 2

Authors Note: The next story about Kallisti the Friar is one I had problems with and have not been able to complete. I felt uncomfortable with the direction the story was taking and it fought me all the way until I got to the point I couldn’t write it anymore. Its a shame because I […]

Kallisti The Friar Part 3 – Halloween 2019

Author’s Note: This takes place during the Halloween period, 2019: So you are telling me he’ll get away with it?” snarled Kallisti the Friar, standing in front of the Longbow prosecuting officer’s desk, her fists on the desk, her body leaning over toward the bespectacled lawyer sitting on the other side. The lawyer squirmed at […]

Kallisti the Friar Part 4

Kallisti the Janitor sat behind her office desk, engrossed in the latest cleaning bot schedule she was compiling on the computer screen. Since she had arrived in this version of Paragon City, she had been snapped up by the municipal authority that ran Kallisti Wharf. She suspected that her name and association with the Kallisti […]

Kallisti the Friar Part 5

The bedroom was quiet apart from the snoring of the middle-aged man in the bed. There was a faint light in upper one corner of the plush bedroom, indicating the security system was active as this man was sensitive about his own safety, particularly after the unpleasantness of a few month before. He slept peacefully […]

Kallisti the Friar Part 6

The entry-phone buzzer sounded loudly in the for once, quiet flat. Kallisti Gold looked up from her tablet, taking her eyes off the fruit icons cascading down the screen for a second. “Door!” she shouted. Looking back at the screen, she swore and quit the game, her high score ruined. The buzzer sounded again. “Door!!” […]

Kallisti the Friar Part 7

“Why does that bloody Christmas tree make so much sodding noise?” Kallisti the Friar drew her staff and threatened the glowing, humming, buzzing tree that occupied a corner of the lounge in their flat. She was wearing her green pyjamas with white highlights along the cuffs and pockets. “Its those arcane glowie things, I think […]

Kallisti the Friar Part 8

Pocket D was heaving! New Years Eve and it seemed that most of Paragon City and Etoile Islands had decamped to dance the new decade in, ignoring the pedants who insisted the new decade didn’t start until next year! The Kallisti Girls were, of course, making a night of it. Wolf and her pack was […]

Kallisti the Monk Part 1

Kallisti sat peacefully on the inner wall of the cloister quadrangle, watching a nest of ants that had been disturbed by the lay brethren tending the monastery garden. The disturbance had exposed the ant eggs and so workers were scurrying here and there to move the vulnerable white eggs to a new place of safety. […]

Kallisti the Monk Part 2

“This is a truly wondrous invention!” Kallisti the Monk came out of the bathroom wrapped in a large fluffy towel, drying her long blonde hair with another towel. “These showers are miraculous and magic!” “Funnily enough Friar said almost exactly the same thing on her first day here” Kallisti Gold laughed and sipped her tea. […]

A gathering of Kallistis

Kallisti Sable peered over the top of her mirror shades, sitting at a table in a slightly run-down diner in Old Sough in the region of Paragon City which shared her name, Kallisti Wharf. Dressed in tight black leather trousers and a biker jacket over her low-cut bustier, she was trying to be inconspicuous, but […]

Kallisti the Spirit

The dark passage was lit by flickering torchlight and a faint luminous glow as Kallisti moved silently from one shadow to the next. Nicknamed “The Sneak” by her friends at the Monastery, she had spent most of her young life learning how to fight the demons that rampaged across the world. Ever since she was […]

Doctor Kallisti

“How much?” Dr Kallisti Hamilton-Stathis, Ph.D (“Quantum irregularities in the supersymetry of the Einstein-Riemann manifold”) stared at the contract the TV company had put in front of her. The fee they were offering was the equivalent of two years grant money from the Science & Education Research Council (assuming they approved the latest application) simply […]