“Excuse me miss but can I ask you to move off that wall, you are on private property” The uniformed guard approached the blonde girl dressed in a gold mini dress, sitting on the wall by the steps to the Crey office building he was guarding. She looked at him over her shoulder and gave him a dazzling smile.

 “Well hello Mister Guard, how nice to meet you!” she gushed. “My name is Kallisti Gold and I believe that you are incorrect in your statement just now, so no I won’t move off this wall” The firmness in her tone was masked by the frendly way she spoke.

 “Yes Miss Gold we know who you are, but I must insist you move off that wall.” He spoke quietly into the microphone at his collar.

 “Insist away my dear chap, don’t let me stop you, its a free world after all – well apart from the bits that Crey own of course” Her smile was dazzling again – there were golden sparkles floating around her and the bunny ears were distracting. “Oh look i do believe that is your supervisor coming this way isn’t it? How lovely!”

 “Alright Office Braithwait, what appears to be the… oh Miss Gold isn’t it? What can we do for you today?” The muscular woman in a bulky business suit moved in front of the security guard , but remained on the steps up to the office buildings, not setting foot on the pavement next to the wall where Kallisti sat.

 “Nothing at all, I was just sitting here enjoying the sun, sitting on this wall In The Public Footpath -” she emphasised the words carefully, still smiling over her shoulder at the tough-looking woman “- when your man came over and started talking a load of old tosh! You really ought to train your staff better dear Lady – the boundary of the Crey property is that step you are standing on and as you can plainly see I am nowhere near it… well to be precise I am two point one metres from it, six feet eleven inches in old money – ” The mask of joviality slipped for a moment “- so don’t give me any bollocks about private property – ” the smile returned like a sunbeam from behind a storm cloud “- because we know different, don’t we?”

 The security supervisor wiped her forehead and gestured the guard away irritably. “You have a very good point there Miss Gold and on behalf of the Crey Corporation let me apologise for your treatment just now.” She paused as if listening to a distant conversation. “However, I now must insist that you move away from the newly acquired Crey private land that you are now occupying as I have just been informed that our agents have just completed the deal to purchase the roadway and sidewalk in front of the Kallisti Wharf -” she struggled to get through the name – “Crey Corporation Headquarters.”

 “Oh what a marvellous way to waste Crey money, just sitting on a wall!” Kallisti Gold laughed. “I’d like to see proof of this miraculous transaction before I move an inch or centimetre, I’m not fussed, I was taught both at school in England.” She measured an inch and centimetre with her thumb and forefinger as she described them. She looked away from the security woman. “If you own the pavement you can get off that step and show me.”

 The security supervisor consulter her tablet, spoke into her label microphone and glanced over her shoulder. Coming out of the building behind her were several figure wearing armour and one in a blue banded outfit with a hood covering their head.

 “Hey KG we got some ice creams, want one?” came another voice from across the road in the forecourt of the Christie Apartment building. Kallisti Red, dressed in her red and white armour plates waved across the road then gestured at her three companions: Kallisti Scarlet in her buckled leathers, also in red and white waved back while licking the ice cream cone; Kallisti the Friar, slightly shorter that the two tanks flanking her, was very obviously enjoying the ice cream and struggling not to let any drip down her new outfit, a green lacy leotard and updated new tall boots that had replaced the old patched and dirty homespun robes that she had arrived in Paragon City with not long before. Behind the three stood Kallisti Bronze, dressed in her usual flame motif leggings and top, trying to catch the dripping ice cream as it melted quickly in her warm presence.

 “Is it strawberry? You know I like strawberry the best” Kallisti Gold jumped up from sitting on the wall to standing. The security supervisor reacted quickly, her hand shooting to reach into her jacket. Kallisti Gold turned around to face her. “Oh look, you’ve brought some friends too! I particularly like THAT one… ” she pointed at the blue clad Paragon Protector. “Hey Bronze, she reckons this road is now owned by Crey and we are trespassing, wanna check?”

 “Hmmpf” Kallisti Bronze discarded the melting ice cream onto the road with a plop and took a computer tablet from her belt pack. “Bloody things always melt before I can eat them… let me see…” She tapped the screen a few times while the other three girls moved to Kallisti Gold and Red handed her another ice cream cone as if from thin air.

 “Thats not strawberry!” said Gold, tucking into the ice cream anyway.

 “It says here that a contract has been drawn up for the sale of the road but it hasn’t been ratified as there are some legal objections being raised by the Kallisti Wharf Board of Trustees, objecting to the sale of public assets to a private corporation without proper public consulation… oh dear, how sad, never mind.”  Bronze put the tablet back in her bag. “How opportune of us to warn them about corporate over reach so recently eh?”

Kallisti Gold turned back to the security supervisor, now flanked by her Crey technology-powered assistants. She smiled again, the effect somewhat spoiled by the traces of ice cream on her lips “I’m so sorry I didn’t get your name? So do we now indulge in a bit of shenanigans or possibly even malarkey, or will you piss off back into your corporate shit hole and leave innocent members of the public to go about their business?”

The security supervisor listened to the voice in her ear then flicked her hand at the troops backing her up. “Once again I must apologise for the inaccurate information I was given.” her voice was brittle “However this incident and the video footage will be handed over to our lawyers to bring in front of your lawyers”

“Yeah yeah, just add it to the fooking list why don’t you… Lets start with trying to poison me with a bath of gold paint, then trying to blackmail me into signing a very oppressive NDA by threatening to not cover my medical bills, then the faulty Portal Generator that brought my girls here…” Gold paused and looked skyward briefly ” – we can probably skip over that one as I LOVE being a gang of Kallistis! Oh and in case you didn’t know, we all are now your neighbours…” she gestured at the apartment block across the road “We all live in that on up there on the top floor – I would invite you round for tea, but I’d rather rip my own arm off first!”

“Yes we know, we will be monitoring the situation.” the security supervisor smiled grimly.

“You do that, but don’t get too intrusive or MY lawyers will be talking to your lawyers and it all goes round and round. I’ll be keeping an eye on you buggers as well and we are all licensed heroes and you know what a mess that can be! Say hi to the Countess for me, she’ll remember.” Gold jumped down from the wall and jauntily put her arm around Friar’s shoulders, nudging the ice cream causing a drop fall on Friar’s leg. “Come on girls I’m dying for a cuppa – did anyone get some garibaldi biscuits?”

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