A van pulls up at the side of Christie apartments, parking on the corner closest to the side door. Inside the cab are three remarkably similar looking girls, two with long blonde hair and one with slightly reddish wavy hair.

“Is this it?” the more reddish hair girl says, peering at the imposing building.

“Yup, we have been granted one of the top floor penthouse apartment since there are so many of us!” says the driver, dressed in a gold leather jacket, jeans and gold-tinted sunglasses.

“The security doth look righteous with those mechanical guards” says the third girl dressed in a green trenchcoat.

“Can we get out of this smelly van yet, Scarlet’s farted again!” comes other voices from inside the van.

“Get your things and lets go see the manager!” says the golden one. The door open and the girls all climb out of the van. “Welcome to our new home in Kallisti Wharf, named after me of course” says Kallisti Gold, the self-appointed leader of the Kallisti Girls.

“Of course it was.” replies Kallisti Red sarcastically

“Well it must have been as when I arrived in Paragon City back in the day, it was just a building site with no name! They obviously chose the name because I’ve been so successful in my modelling and super-heroing careers!” says Gold, standing in her customary modelling pose.

“Well at least your famous in the hospital!” Kallisti Red, taller and more muscular than Gold and with a chill aura around her slapped Gold on the back, making her stumble forward. “The curse of the blaster eh?” Another tall muscular redhead walks around from the rear of the van carrying some boxes. She looks almost identical to Kallisti Red but has a more brutal edge to her manner.

“Can you two stop gabbling and get the stuff from the van” says Kallisti Scarlet.

The girl in the grubby green trench-coat looks around warily. “That bridge doth worry me, how does it remain standing while being so flimsy?” Kallisti Gold puts her arm arm around her ‘twin’ comfortingly. The golden sparkles that tend to surround her flow over the other girl’s shoulders.

 “Its modern technology, Kallisti the Friar” she says, waving her free hand dismissively. “I’m sure Bronze can explain” Kallisti the Friar looks adoringly at Gold as she walks away to get a box from the back of the van. “My Angel” she whispers to herself, but steps back, reaching for her quarterstaff as another figure walks from behind the van. This girl is very different to all the others – her skin is bronze in colour, not the bronze of a suntan but bronze like the metal, her hair is blonde with reddish streaks but most distinctive are the curved horns that sprout from her temples! She’s wearing red leggings and t-shirt with a flame pattern picked out in yellow. “Demon!” whispers Kallisti the Friar!

 Kallisti Bronze doesn’t hear that but looks up from the tablet she was reading. “What, oh the bridge? Classic cable-tied suspension bridge, very popular with arty-farty architects nowadays.” She looks at Kallisti The Friar “Please put the staff away my dear, I’m not a demon, I’m just another version of us but with – ahem – some extra features!”

 Inside the reception hall, Kallisti Gold is arguing with the apartment manager “But the estate agent said we could have the south west corner apartment so we could see the sunset!” she wails, stamping her delicate foot dramatically all the while batting her eyelashes coyly.

 “Well I am terribly sorry to disappoint but that has already been let – you could have the south east apartment, it gets the sun in the mornings and you can see the sunrise!” replies Mr Line the manager of the apartment block.

 “Humpf, I don’t like seeing the sunrise, much too early in the morning – unless its at the end of a good night out!” she casually adjusts her jacket, briefly allowing him a glimpse of her cleavage.

 “Just take the bloody keys and lets get moved in, I’m starving!” Kallisti Red calls across the lobby. Gold takes the keys grumpily but then flashes the manager one of her famous golden smiles “I’m sure we’ll all be very happy in our new home Mr Line” her natural charisma shining through the grumpiness.

 “We are honoured to have such a celebrity in our building Miss Gold, if there is anything you need please let us know” he says, dazzled by the beauty of the golden one.

 “You just can’t turn it off can you?” Kallisti Red sniggers as the lift arrives and the girls pile in.

 “Well it got us the best apartment in the building – did you see the state of the plumbing in the south west apartment? Bloody awful!” replies Kallisti Gold “The south east apartment is much better! Bagsy the biggest bedroom since I’m the leader!”

Back in his office, Mr Line takes opens a drawer and takes out a magazine. Checking to see if anyone is looking, he opens the centrefold and gazes at the picture. “I wonder if they are real?” he whispers, stroking the bunny ears in the picture…

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