Over the years, I’ve created various media around the character of Kallisti beyond the stories (which have their own pages) and this will be the repository for them.

First off a comic I created with the free Comic Creator software. This was inspired by an incident that happened on the live test server in the issue where a new set of costume options were introduced including the original Angelic costume and the bunny-ears. Kallisti Gold had been copied to the test server and was trying out the new costumes when overnight they rolled back the patch containing the outfits which left her with NO costume at all!

Thinking this was rather amusing I took a load of screenshots and used them to create the comic. Click on the front cover to download the PDF


Now onto Homecoming and there were some gossip news sheets that followed the antics of super heroes and one focussed for a time on one of the most intriguing questions about Kallisti Gold:


Also for a time, she was stalked by Paparazzi, and seen leaving notorious nightspot Joker’s Wild in a very skimpy outfit


The Kallistiverse has its own pages on the FBSA Wiki, here: https://fbsa.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Category:Kallistiverse