Legion of Valor is the Super Group most of the Kallisti Girls are a member of. It is an SG founded originally on VIctory on live and has a long history starting in 2004 and continuing on even through the CoX hiatus as a Facebook page where we were able to keep in touch. Back on live there was a project in about 2008 to produce our own comic which saw fruit and this marvellous publication saw the light of day:

It is from this that the following history of the SG has been abstracted:

Originally founded as Hard CORPS by Cosmic Titan on 19th May 2004 to defend Paragon City from the evils that threatened, but almost a year later it was discovered another group had a been founded with a similar name, so the decision was made to rename the Super Group Legion of Valor on 31st March 2005. Thus began the long career of the SG as defenders and champions of the city.

Over the course of the next few years, LoV would see many changes as the roster continued to grow, the institution of the global chat channel to manage a membership beyond the limit of the membership rules imposed by the city authorities, and leadership changes. Upon Cosmic Titan’s eventual departure, he left control of the ever expanding group of heroes in the capable hands of The Last Gunslinger. “Gunny” faithfully carried on leading and directing the group as they expanded the base headquarters, the Halls of Valor to accommodate the influx of diverse heroes from all over the globe an worlds and dimensions beyond!

Eventually leadership of the Legion was again passed on to Stained Glass Scarlet when Gunny decided to step down. At that time, LoV was the largest SF on the Victory server and remained strong until the eventual shutdown in 2012.

The Facebook group enabled us all to keep in touch and It was in this group on 20th April 2019 that Kevin posted:

This was the beginning of the second life of City of Heroes. LoV was recreated on the original server (eventually named Torchbearer) but within days that was so crowded they created 4 extra shards and we decamped to one of the new ones, Everlasting, the unofficial RP server,  where we still hang out.

Leadership of the SG passed to Kallisti Gold almost by default as the base architect and an ongoing regular player. We have formed a coalition with one of the largest and active supergroups on Everlasting, Chaos United and several other SGs which means there are always people around to help and join in with activities.

The SG base has been rebuilt, larger and more varied than ever before with the new technologies available. Here below is a video tour of the base as it stood in early 2020:



and here is a short Christmas Greeting from 2019