Pocket D was heaving! New Years Eve and it seemed that most of Paragon City and Etoile Islands had decamped to dance the new decade in, ignoring the pedants who insisted the new decade didn’t start until next year! The Kallisti Girls were, of course, making a night of it. Wolf and her pack was hanging out in the Winter Chalet with several other animal trainers, lions, wolves and dogs chasing each other all over the ski slopes. Fae was flying above the crowd looping the loop and dancing with a ‘frolic’ of faeries buzzing over everyone’s heads and raining fairy dust over the collected throng.

Gold, Friar, Red, Scarlett and several others were dancing on the raised podium the packed core of the club. Fae zoomed around and hovered over Gold and Friar.


“Oh no, who gave her caffeine! We’re never going to get her to slow down!” Gold shouted over the noise.

“We just need to make sure someone catches her when she crashes!” Friar leaped upside down and span on one hand in a dance move she’d adapted from her quarterstaff training. Her specially adapted mini-skirt stuck to her and preserved her modesty as she span around. Even still a number of men dancing close by stumbled in their own dance, with some of them receiving a slap from their partners for watching too closely!

The music changed and Gold grabbed Friar “I need a drink!” she yelled in Friar’s ear.

“Feeble blaster!” Friar laughed and grabbed hold of her hand and led her across the crowded dance floor, brute strength forging a path through the dancers. They made their way to the upper level redside where the bar wasn’t quite so crowded. Pushing aside a couple of Arachnos soldiers who glared at the cute blonde girl in the low cut mini-dress who was obviously a lot stronger than she looked. Friar simply raised an eyebrow and they gave her space at the bar.

Getting served was no problem using the sparking smile she’d learned from Gold, the barman came over to her, bypassing several others who waved their cash angrily. Taking the two bottle of chilled water, she pushed her way back out to find her Angel – a gang of catgirls rushed past squealing and laughing as they chased each other through the crowd, eliciting shouts and curses as they jostled their way through. Gold was standing by a table, next to Mercedes Sheldon their friend from the Midnighter Club. She and Gold had been friends for a long time, both of their fathers knew each other, Mercedes’ father being an antique specialist and Gold’s father being a historian.

“Friar darling, lovely to see you!” Mercedes hugged her as Friar handed the water bottle to Gold. “I was just telling Kallisti that you had been on my mind recently – can you come and see me at the Club sometime soon? I’ve been hearing a lot about you and your demon killing staff and I wanted to see you in action!”

“I’ll come and see you tomorrow – unless you are on holiday?” Friar held the cold water bottle to her forehead to cool down.

“No holidays fighting evil is there?” Mercedes grinned, waving her wine glass toward a coterie of Arachnos Widows gathered at an adjacent table. This was obviously not her first or even second glass of wine! “Oh god, there is Percy – hide me darling, he’ll try to chat me up again!” The two Kallistis flanked Mercedes and edged toward the bar as Percy Winkly fought his way through the crowd, heading towards the entrance to the Winter chalet.

“You’re safe now” laughed Gold. “I remember when I had to save him in Croatoa, he was constantly trying to chat me up afterwards, I regretted wearing the metallic swimsuit for that mission” The other girls laughed.

“Hey its almost time!” Friar grabbed Gold’s hand and waved at Mercedes with her other hand, trying not to spill the water. “See you later!” Pushing their way to the edge of the balcony Gold grabbed Friar around the waist and activated her hover power. Jumping out over the rail they floated across to the other Kallistis, attracting a flock of fairies as they flew. Kallisti Fae flew in ever faster circles around them her singing so high pitched they could only just hear it!

“If she goes supersonic I’m not paying for the sonic boom damage!” Gold lowered them to the dance floor near Red and Scarlett. Bronze was nearby dancing with a half-bull half-man and Sapphire had folded her wings away but her glowing eyes were easy to spot in the semi-darkness. The DJ lowered the music volume.

“Okay folks it that time… counting down to a new year and decade! FIVE…”

They all took up the chant: “FOUR… THREE… TWO… ONE… HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Fireworks and explosions went off all over the club. Gold held Friar close and kissed her.

“Happy New Year! This has been the BEST but the next will be BETTER!” Friar held her tightly and closed her eyes, revelling in the moment. This was the first time she had ever celebrated the New Year, in fact it was the first time she had been aware of the new year, it was not something that anyone cared about on her world. She was enjoying the new traditions she was learning about in what she now considered her home.

* * *

The road from Statesman Plaza to Christie Apartments was quiet at this time in the morning, well except for the gang of Kallistis walking home after the New Year party. Friar walked beside Gold, carrying a sleeping Fae in her arms. Fae was curled up, hugging her spoon close to her chest, snuggled up comfortably against Friar. Occasionally she would murmur and a burst of fairy dust would surround them. Friar looked down at her affectionately, memories long buried of holding her baby in her arms surfaced and she felt her eyes filling.

She looked at Gold, still skipping along and singing to herself, Red and Scarlett holding hands and Bronze and Sapphire laughing as they shared a joke. Flame was missing from the group though, last seen snogging some hero type, both surrounded by flames – hopefully the fire department would be able to cope with whatever happened where they ended up! She could handle the memories now, even the most heartbreaking ones – she had a new family now who she loved and was loved in return. Gold came to her side and looked down at Fae.

“She’s so cute when she’s asleep and quiet” she put her arm around Friar. Friar rested her head against Gold’s.

“What a year its been, I can’t believe how much has changed.” she said quietly.

“Well we’ve got a new year to enjoy now and a lot of badges to collect!” Gold pirouetted and held her arms out to encompass the world. Friar smiled, but a nagging doubt was in her mind – what was it Mercedes wanted to see her about?

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