Much as I hate to do this, Kallisti Red has threatened me with all kinds of blunt trauma unless I tell my story. Red is a strange girl… okay so she is a version of me, but its amazing just how different we ALL are. I suppose coming from such a tough world as she has shapes the personality.

My story then:
Like the other Kallistis, I am originally from England where I excelled academically (unlike certain “shiny” people!) and studied Physics at the University of London. I graduated and went straight into my doctorate in Particle Physics. I helped design and build several experiments in CERN in Switzerland.

I was leading a double life though, because during my first years as an undergraduate, I had been talent-spotted by a modelling agency in a club in London, so I started moonlighting as a model.  I tried to make sure it didn’t get in the way of my studies, but it was a great way of earning the money I needed to continue my education. It was also a lot of fun! I got used to dealing with the typical people in the industry – the manipulators and the users, and found it surprisingly easy to turn the tables on THEM and manipulate and use them.  I think the average type of girl they meet is usually more like… well you know who I mean.

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to work with some researchers at Portal Corp in Paragon City, so came over, narrowly missing the Rikiti invasion which meant I missed the traumatic events that in another timeline created Kallisti Steel. I was able to get in touch with some modelling agencies in Paragon City so was able to carry on my other job.

Now this is where my story gets scarily similar to Gold’s.  I was recruited for a campaign for one of Crey’s subsidiaries – a paint manufacturer who specialized in metallic paints for outdoor use. Just as in Gold’s case, I was supposed to wade through a bath of paint – Bronze paint – wearing a revealing outfit. Well true to form, things went bad and I ended up hospitalized. In my case though there was some sort of mutagenic chemical in the paint that infected my DNA and actually rewrote parts of it.

When I awoke from the coma, my skin had turned a bronze colour and was slightly metallic, but just as flexible as normal skin (I still need facials!) but what was most dramatic was I had grown horns from my head! Needless to say that freaked me out a bit and suddenly things around me started bursting into flames! I had become a pyrokinetic!

While taking a routine x-ray of my skull to investigate the horns, they discovered they were unable to see anything because I kept blocking the radiation. I could not only control fire, but radioactive emissions too. I’ve yet to work out WHY I can do these things – I mean why should a change in my DNA create these abilities? So like anyone who has something different about them in Paragon City, I decided to try my hand at being a superhero.

My modelling contacts enabled me to find a designer who made an outfit the looked JUST right and fitted even better! My hair – when it grew back – was a different colour, no longer blonde but red/orange, so I persuaded one of the hair stylists to adapt it into a flaming hairstyle and I arrived on the scene as Kallisti Bronze.

In between the crime-fighting I started studying my condition and abilities, trying to work out WHY. However not long ago, they were interrupted – I was using my radiation emission to feed a cyclotron when suddenly a rift appeared around me and the casing of the cyclotron cracked. I fought to restrain the radiation leakage until I could power it down but no sooner as I moved toward the control panel but the rift swallowed me up and I found myself in a Crey Laboratory, with a wildly misconfigured portal generator and a handful of girls who all seemed strangely familiar.

Red, as her usual charming self, was threatening to “punch her up the ‘froat” unless Gold explained what had happened. I’m not sure where Red picked up the South London accent… maybe the glaciers have forced people south of the Thames. What a ghastly fate, no wonder she is angry 😉 It seems that I appear to be the “brains” of the outfit, so its fallen to me to find out what happened and how we can get back to our own timeline. Red doesn’t seem to worried about returning – I think she prefers this timeline.

I’ve tracked the rift and it appears it didn’t just open in the Crey Laboratory – I have plotted spatial disturbances in a couple of other locations, including the Rogue Isles, so who knows HOW many of us there are.

I will say this… if I get ONE MORE dick head saying “Do I make you Horny?” I think I am going to burn someone badly! Gold seems to find it funny but won’t explain the significance of the phrase, especially when it is said in a truly BAD English accent!

I think there are several differences in this time-line that are trivial yet important in some way. Its an interesting challenge working them out!

Okay I think I’ve written enough to keep Red happy…