Okay so here goes, the airhead (that’s Kallisti Gold if you hadn’t realised) suggested that it might be an idea for us – what she calls “her other selves”- to write about how we came to be here.

Let me start with a little bit of shared background – it appears that all of us share some similarities in our background. Well that would sort of makes sense really since we are nominally the “same” person! Since the airhead has trouble thinking beyond the next facial, its not surprising she forgot to incorporate this in her biography. Dear God, its like reading the diary of an 8 year old with ADHD!

I was born in England, my father was a University Professor at Oxford, studying Classics and my mother was originally from Greece, but came to live in England and eventually married my father. This is where my name comes from… Kallisti is Ancient Greek and means “For the prettiest one”.  It was inscribed on the Golden Apple that the Goddess of discord and disharmony, Eris, created.  

The Gods of Olympus decided one day to throw a HUGE party, but they didn’t invite Eris she always ended up causing trouble and arguments. So she decided to get her revenge and created a beautiful golden apple and inscribed the word “Kallisti” on it. Of course ALL the gods and goddesses believed it was meant for them. In the end it came down to a call between Aphrodite and Hera, so for reasons known only to themselves, the Gods decided to let a mortal choose which of the two goddess was the most beautiful. This mortal was Paris of Troy. However, Aphrodite got to him first and promised him that if he chose HER, she would help him win his heart’s desire… Helen, wife of the Greek King Agememnon. So Paris chose Aphrodite, won Helen of Troy and the rest is mythology…

I was MOST disappointed on seeing that Troy movie that Wolfgang Petersen had dropped all of the mythological background – oh well at least it means the airhead didn’t get an even MORE inflated opinion about herself!

So that is where the name comes from – my father was the person who inflicted the name upon me, but I can’t complain, its a good name all in all.

Now here is where the stories diverge for all of us. In MY world, there was a major incident at the tail end of the 1940s which triggered a world-wide cool-down. Nobody is really certain what actually happened. There were theories that it was a Rikiti plot and others that it was a secret super-weapon created to make the Soviet Union uninhabitable during the “Cold War” (which in my timeline turned into a REAL war).  WW3 involved a short nuclear exchange between USA, UK and Russia which did more damage to the environment than it did to the cities that were targeted – all sides were so incompetent that most of the bombs MISSED their intended targets by quite a long way, so Moscow, London and Washington were untouched, but Paris in uninhabitable, as is much of Germany where most of the fighting took place.

The after-effects of the war though, accelerated the cooling and as a result instead of the global warming you are worried about here, on my “timeline” as Kallisti Bronze calls it (she seems to be the REAL brains of us all, mind you the horns ARE a bit off-putting!), we are facing a new Ice Age. The nuclear fall out also considerably increased the background radiation around the world and as a result genetic mutations are much more common. My mother was a victim of the mutations and exhibited some bizarre effects, most noticeable was her ability to control the temperature around her. Unfortunately she didn’t have a lot of control over it so it was always a case of being careful not to upset her and keep a fire extinguisher handy! She passed some of this ability on to me but I only ended up with one end of the temperature spectrum – this is why my body temperature is lower than everyone here and I have a natural ability to manipulate ice and cold to my benefit.

As to why I like punching – I was always a bit of a tomboy and I just liked to fight! It could have made me into a bit of a thug and the airhead seems to think it has! However my father was friends with an English hero, London Pride, who took me under her wing and taught me how to do good with my abilities.

And so dear reader, we come to virtually the present day. Just like the airhead, I came to Paragon City a few years ago – not like her to be a celebrity model, but to help in the reconstruction. Then a couple of weeks ago I was clearing Lost in Skyway City as usual when I stepped through a doorway and ended up in a Crey Laboratory with the Airhead, Horns, the Tin Girl, the S&M freak and the rest…

Bronze reckons there is a way to get us back to our original timelines, but me I reckon we are stuck here, so might as well make the most of it and have fun cracking a few skulls in the process!